Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get to meet me appetizer

Wow - my own blog. I thought what better way to introduce myself than to bring an appetizer. OK, not physically. When I go to someones house for the first time (and my friends will tell you for the 3rd and 100th times) I always, always bring the same dish. It's totally a no fail, super easy and a crowd pleaser recipe.

Here it is:

1 can of Pillsbury crescent roll
1 jar of pesto
1/2 lb of black forrest ham - thinly sliced
1/2 lb of swiss cheese - thinly sliced

Pre-heat oven to 370
Get your cookie sheet, lay out tin foil the length of the cookie sheet. Unroll cresent roll being carefull not to let the seams pull apart and lay length wise along cookie sheet. If seems open up just pinch them back together. Get your jar of pesto. The kind I buy usually is loaded full of olive oil. I drain it. Too much olive oil on the dough will make it too gooey. I spread the pesto on the dough very lightly. Again too much and the flavor will be overwhelming. Put one layer of ham on top of the pesto, then, one layer of swiss cheese on top of ham. OK this next step I hope I can explain. You basically want to have the 2 long ends meet in the middle so you have one long folded piece of dough with the connecting seam running length wise along the middle. Here's how I do it. It took about the 100th time making this when a light bulb went off in my head. I take the foil and all and fold the dough where I want it to fold, while holding down with one hand I gently pull from the foil. Then I do the same to the other side. Hope this part makes sense if not let me know and I will try to explain. Now this next part (another late discovery), before I place in the oven I take those same foil sides that I used to fold over the dough and I tent it over the dough. I dont seam them together I just want it gently tented. Otherwise the ends will darken way before the center is done and if I seal the tent then the dough will not cook right.

Place in oven for approximately 20. Open oven and carefully lay the foil back down flat so the dough will brown. Put back in the oven and check again in about 10. It should be a golden brown all over - if it is not quite there go for 5 more minute interervals.

Wow - my husband would say reading my recipe would be like listening to me trying to give driving directions!!!

So, welcome to MadGab Designs and enjoy your appetizer!!

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